Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waste-to-energy element in the Cap-and-trade bill

As I discussed in my prior post, I have downloaded and am reading the House of Representatives 'energy' bill. If any of you wish to read it you can find it at:

One of the early things mentioned in this bill that peaked my interest is the short discussion of waste-to-energy conversion. The bill encourages waste-to-energy conversion operations for municipal solid waste (MSW), construction debris (of course this assumes we ever get back into constructing houses!) and disaster debris. The problem with disaster debris being using in waste-to-energy conversion processes is the government agency who is in charge. If an agencies SOP is to landfill, well then by golly they will landfill even though bills such as this one are trying to encourage use of renewable energy. We shall see after the next hurricane.

The restriction this bill places on waste-to-energy is that the locality that has such a facility must also have an active recycle program for 'residents' in place. The way I read this is that this assumes that waste-to-energy is under control of a local government and not a privately owned operation.