Monday, June 29, 2009

Waxman-Markley climate change bill--change for change sake?

The hottest topic this week, besides the 100+ degree temperatures here in the South is the Waxman-Markley climate change bill which squeaked through the House by the skin of its teeth last week. This bill includes a cap-and-trade global warming reduction plan designed to reduce economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions 17 percent by 2020.

I'm a big fan of renewable energy and think that this is a good direction to move,however, we, as a nation, shouldn't be so open minded that our brains fall out.

The sad thing about all this hoopla about the need to have a climate change bill pass quickly is that there is a lot of misinformation being put out, including by our leaders, no doubt due to the complexity of the issues under discussion.

When ever is it prudent to do things quickly? Don't we teach our teenagers to think before doing or you can get into a whole bunch of trouble.

I plan, over the next few weeks, to go through the bill and highlight the good, the bad and the truly ugly for y'all and suggest what it could mean for our dirty footprint. So stay tuned!....


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